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Be part of the most powerful digital super heroes league fighting in favor of fun! Gazeus Games is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is the largest casual and social games developer in the country. We are responsible for the Jogatina brand, which began as a site with classic web-based games in 2006. In 2013, we started developing games for smartphones and tablets achieving a great result and expanding our reach to several countries. To continue growing fast, we are always looking for new adventurers willing to face different missions.

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  • Diversity


    Gazeus Games supports diversity and human plurality. Everyone is welcome in our team and we take respect for others very seriously here.

  • Fast Growth Rhythm

    Fast Growth Rhythm

    Our team is always growing. This way, we always have challenging quests for hardcore players.

  • Innovation & Technical Excellence

    Innovation & Technical Excellence

    Our team recognizes and stimulates skills and creativity. It will be possible to level up all of your skills while helping our company grow!

  • Informal Atmosphere

    Informal Atmosphere

    We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed while working. In other words, your skills to face the challenges are more important than having a shiny armor.

  • Horizontal Structure

    Horizontal Structure

    Here everyone is important and recognized, without hierarchical barriers. From Superman to Aquaman, everyone is heard.

  • Shiatsu


    We offer Shiatsu periodically to the team. With our healer’s help, the team re-energizes before new missions.

  • Snacks


    We offer a variety of snacks for you to enjoy while working: Fruits: intelligence +3, Cereal Bar: agility +4, Juice: life +6, Cookies: pounds +2.

  • Game Room

    Game Room

    For you to fulfill your side quests in your favorite games, Gazeus has a special room where the team enjoys videogames, boardgames, cardgames or some chat time.

  • Birthday Gift

    Birthday Gift

    At each of our super heroes earthling cycle, we give them a day off as a reward so they can relax and celebrate.There you go!

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